Novel Critiques

February 2014

Dear Bayou Writer's,

We are currently working together on a book project!  We will resume critiques once this is completed!


October 2013

Dear Bayou Writers,

We are critiquing a couple of chapters for Allen at this time.  He will pass physical copies out at the meeting for your notes.

 Happy Reading.



September 2013

Dear Bayou Writer's,

We now have our next critiquing adventure!  Paul has submitted his novel for editing.  

If you have not had a chance to review our Guidelines for being a beta reader then please take a look at the discussions page on our Meet Up website or on this BWC Blog message board.

As we discussed at our last meeting, we are going to take a little longer with the process this time. He would rather you be thorough than rush to the end. Therefore, we will take from now until our meeting on October 10th to do the job. We can revisit and revise this length of time if the majority of readers finish early.

If I have your personal email address then I have emailed you the link directly. Otherwise, go to the "contact us" page on this blog and send me an email request to participate.     

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Reading!


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