Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Creative Writing Meeting and New Challenge

Thanks to everyone that participated in our last writing prompt challenge.  We had some great work submitted which contributed to a fun and amusing meeting last Thursday.

Several of the submissions have been posted under the Creative Writing Submission link (above) for you to enjoy and make comments.  There are several others that will be added later in the week, so keep an eye out for those awesome stories.
If you could not attend but would like to submit your own writing for posting, please email it directly to me!

Please note that we had to push our next meeting to Thursday October 3rd, at Nuvolari’s in Mandeville. This time we will be focusing on Character Development.   It seems to be quite a task for everyone and is certainly a skill that is worth practicing.  We will discuss how to create a character that your readers will care about .  Then we will share our next writing challenge which is an exercise in creating such a character.

This writing challenge is a little more in depth because we want to really get to “know” your character.

First you will need to click on the link for Character Profiles below and Fill it Out.  This is very important so please do not skip! 

Next choose from one of the three writing prompts and compose your story!  You have 1000 words or less this time.
Please print your character profile page as well as your short story.   We will pass the stories around first and then pass the character page around in order to discuss whether they match!    

I am quite excited about this exercise and cannot wait to see what you all create!!!
As always…Happy writing!


Character Profile Link:

Writing Prompts for Character Development

1) Dating Deception
Your character meets someone on an online dating site. Your character writes an e-mail to the person, describing him/herself. Write the e-mail. This e-mail contains two lies. What are they? Why did the character tell them? Also: your character has a very mistaken idea of the impression he/she makes on other people. What impression does your character think he/she makes? What impression does he/she really make? Figure all this stuff out. The character arranges an in-person meeting with the person he/she has met online. What happens at the meeting? Write the story.

2) Character Contradictions
Invent a character who has two personality traits that are completely incompatible, that don't fit together at all. For example: this character is incredibly messy and is also a total perfectionist. Or: this character is a pacifist and also has a really explosive temper. Or: this character believes in strict, traditional family values but is promiscuous by nature. You decide. Then think of a situation in which these two sides of your character would be in direct conflict with each other. Write the story.

3) Self-realization
Your character thinks he/she is good at something, but he/she isn't. Something happens that makes your character realize this. What? What does your character do about it? Write the story.





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