Monday, March 31, 2014

Sweet Spring!

We have been very busy at the BWC.

First, It's important to mention that we're still welcoming new members and are lucky to have a few join us at every meeting!  It’s amazing to have such a large amount of talent concentrated in one group, new and established writers learning from one another is an awesome thing.
The BWC members continue to bring in short works to share, some writings are from the writing prompts and some from a larger manuscript that they are working on.  It’s impressive to see someone share for the first time and this month we were very lucky to have new members, Lee A, Jill J, Amy C, and Craig M share their writing.  In addition to our new members, we also had a few of the veterans like Paul H, Andrea H, Dennis L and Vic H share pages, too.  I have not added anything to the creative writing submissions page in a while and I’ll work on getting some of these “shorts” posted soon! Feel free to email me your pages and I’ll post them ASAP.

We continue to advance our grammar skills by discussing various topics at each meeting.  We’ve covered using quotation marks along with how to write dialog this month which has led us to a new, fun segment called Reading like a Writer, Show and Tell (borrowed from Francine Prose’s book title).  Dennis led the charge with bringing in three separate books, with three different styles of writing dialog.  It was the most interesting grammar lesson to date.  I have to say that show and tell really works!
There has been a lot of buzz about our book project, currently titled, Swan of the Seas.  We’re now on chapter four and it’s getting very exciting!   We keep brainstorming ideas together, sharing current character bios with one another, critiquing the most recent chapter at the meetings and yet, when the next installment is written, it’s an incredible surprise!  There is still a lot to do, even if you cannot take on the task of writing a chapter at the moment.  Simply coming to the meeting is helpful as we brainstorm and sometimes debate the plot lines.  We’re moving pretty quickly and it’s captivating the group.  Members are emailing to ask for the latest chapters or discussing plot details on the Meet Up website and even via personal email.  Ooh it’s a lot of fun!!! 

Clearly, we’ve been hard at work this first quarter of the year.  How's your writing going?  Need some inspiration?  Come Meet-Up with us at the Bayou Writer’s Club and talk about your writing interests.
In the meantime, here are a few writing prompts for you to try! As usual, 1,000 word limit but other than that… No Rules!

Why You Were Late for the Meeting
By Brian A. Klems

You’re at lunch when your smartphone buzzes with an e-mail from your boss: “Don’t forget, we have a meeting in 10 minutes.” Of course you did forget, so you rush out of the restaurant and attempt to make it before it starts. But a crazy chain of events stops you from getting back in time for the meeting.

By Brian A. Klems

The plane lifted off the runway and into the air. The person next to you turns and quietly whispers in your ear, “I know I’m supposed to keep this a secret, but I absolutely must tell someone.”
Running For Class President (& a Bombshell Announcement Made by Your Opponent)
By Brian A. Klems

You decide to run for president of your high school class only to find that your opponent is running a smear campaign about you. Worse yet, your opponent has been telling everyone that he/she will drop a bombshell announcement in front of the entire school during your first debate. The debate is here. Write the scene where the bombshell is announced and describe how you react to it—remember the entire school is watching.
Happy Writing!


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